Aaeon partners IoT solution startup InSynerger

【DIGITIMES  Friday 20 April 2018】Industrial PC (IPC) player Aaeon, a subsidiary of Asustek Computer, has formed a partnership with In-Snergy, an Internet of Things (IoT) solution developer, which was originally an R&D team under Taiwan’s Institute for Information Industry (III), looking to accelerate the pace of helping more places to begin adopting IoT innovations. Aaeon was also a founding investor of InSynerger. Aaeon CEO Howard Lin pointed out that AI and IoT are both the hottest topics in the IT industry and Aaeon has been aggressively developing related software and hardware innovations. The company has recently announced an AI Core module, which it jointly developed with Intel for artificial intelligence (AI) applications, and is hoping the partnership with InSynerger to strengthen the R&D and marketing of its AI and IoT devices. Aaeon teams up with InSynerger for IoT business Photo: Ninelu Tu, Digitimes, April 2018

InSynerger helps traditional makers upgrade to Industry 4.0

【DIGITIMES  Tuesday 24 April 2018】Smart factory solution provider InSynerger Technology offers energy management solutions for companies in traditional manufacturing industries to upgrade to Industry 4.0, according to the company. Traditional manufacturing industries generally know little about Internet of Things (IoT) that involves integration of many technologies, InSynerger said, adding it offers 3-step solutions to help such industries in energy management, the initial step to Industry 4.0 upgrade. The first step is to add sensor and communication modules on traditional equipment to make them smart. The second step is to put non-invasive devices on equipment and facilities such as air compressors and generators to capture operating data and set up databases. The process is real-time monitoring of equipment and facilities. The third step is to use big data analysis to find defects in manufacturing processes. InSynerger also offers AI (artificial intelligence)-based In-Factory and In-Park cloud computing platforms to help manufacturers monitor their factories and the whole industrial parks respectively. The former is part of the smart factory solutions, and the latter includes a variety of applications for lighting management, and monitoring of traffic flows, illegal parking, air quality and others. As a startup spun off from government-sponsored Information Industry Institute (III), InSynerger […]