Indoor Lighting Managment

Indoor LightingManagement

Monitor the lighting status and provide multi-control model to reduce
energy and labor cost.



Scenario Control

Support 10 scenario controls.

Real-time Monitoring

Monitor the lighting status remotely through the platform.

Comparative Analysis

Compare the electricity price with different period.

Is it time-consuming and labor-intensive to turn off the lights manually?

Indoor Lighting Management can ensure the comfortable lighting in the field, and reduce energy and manpower waste. This solution not only monitor and control the lighting, but also compliance with CNS standard, and provides a bright and energy-saving working space for the factory.


System Architecture


InSynerger Indoor Lighting Management


Support various control methods, include grouping, and scenario control.
Support 10 different scenario control.
Provide daily, weekly monthly scheduling.
Compare the electric cost with different period.


Real-time monitoring



Analysis of lighting and carbon emissions



Flexible Scheduling



Applicable Field