Demand Management


Find the optimal contract capacity to assist enterprise optimize their electricity use!



Real-time monitor and visualize the power demand.


Support synchronized,sliding and auto-regression analysis demand prediction algorithms.

Intelligent Analysis

Find the optimal capacity contract and control the electricity cost efficiently.

Did you overspend on the electricity bill this month? Is it necessary to lower the contract capacity or not? Difficult to manage factories?

Demand Management Solution can visualize the demand, set notification and find out any causes of unusual consumption with smart statistics. This solution assist enterprise to make the best decision on power usage and to reduces 10%~15% spending on the electricity cost.

System Architecture

InSynerger Demand Managment

Support 3 methods of demand prediction, includes synchronization/slide/Auto regression, to level up the accuracy of demand prediction

To conquer the issue of overspending contract capability, system send the daily of electricity demand in statistics.
To apply cloud computing on the PaaS, we synchronize mobile management among multi territories.

Optimize the contract capacity by smart analysis.

Provide documents of statistical analysis to assure energy management.

Demand Prediction

Demand Prediction

Yearly,monthly,daily demand report

Daily,monthly,yearly demand report

Demand Statistic

Demand Statistic

Historical data research

Historical data research

Applicable Field

Contract capacity over 150 kw,such as factory, building, shopping mall, hospital and school.