Water Management


Monitor sewage to ensure compliance with regulations and reduce water treatment cost


Real-time Monitoring

Real-time monitor of wastewater

High Efficiency

Establish an management method of wastewater, and improve the efficiency of wastewater treatment


When the water quality is abnormal,the system will send notification.

question-100x100 Water Management

Difficult to monitor the quality of wastewater? Hard to manage the wastewater of different factory?

Water Management Solution adopt open platform,integrate with various sensors,monitor water quality and quantity. Also support event notification, to ensure the water treatment compliant with regulations, and reduce the operation cost.。

System Architecture

Package_architecture_水質 Water Management

InSynerger Water Management

checked Water ManagementProvides real-time monitoring and flexible interface
checked Water ManagementSupports event notification and can be notified via SMS,e-mail and App.
checked Water ManagementAutomatically records statistical charts and provide diagnostic analysis
checked Water ManagementSupports multi-region management and hierarchical account management

Real-time Dashboard

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Dynamic information summary

e7b3bbe7b5b1_e6b0b4e8b3aa2 Water Management

Statistic of water quality

e7b3bbe7b5b1_e6b0b4e8b3aa3 Water Management

Historical Report

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Applicable Field