In-Connect Service

In-Connect Service


Equipment vendors no longer just sell equipment, but also sell services and data!

inConnectTop_en-1 In-Connect Service

Reduce maintenance cost

● 24 hours monitoring
● Accurate diagnosis report

Increase service income

● Visual simulation life cycle
● Auto prediction for maintenance

Enhance Satisfaction

● Event alert
● Centralized management for equipment
● Available for App and browser.


● Various applications
● Become solution provider easily

In-Connect Service

inConnect In-Connect Service

Smart Equipment

 Become smart euipment quickly
Reduce maintanance cost
Lower Equipment unplanned shut down
No extra cost for product development

Traditional Euipment

inConnect_old2 In-Connect Service
Already connected

Connect Tool

In-Connect_device In-Connect Service
Integrated connect tools

Manage Platform

public-cloud In-Connect Service
Platform Functions

In-Connect Package

IC_公用設備 In-Connect Service

Common Equipment

IC_機台設備 In-Connect Service