Power Managment


Assist enterprise to identify the problem of power usage,diagnosis the status of equipment, and reduce unnecessary energy wastage by negligent personal operation.



Lower Cost

Monitors the power consumption remotely and reduce management cost.

Real-time Monitoring

Updates the data of monitoring in every minutes.

Various Analysis

Monitors multiple power parameters and offers various reports which can be exported as a CSV file.


Dose not know how to reduce power consumption? Can not manage more than one factory? Difficult to know real-time power consumption and search historical power usage?

Power Management supports wired and wireless solution, integrates wired and wireless smart meter for real-time monitoring, data collection and data analysis.

System Architecture


InSynerger Power Management


Collect real-time power consumption and record the data in every minute.
Supports multiple power measurement parameters,includes power consumption, real power and VAR,etc.

Cloud platform can management multi-field simultaneously.
Customizable dynamic real-time display (Dashboard)
Provides a variety of statistical analysis reports and can export historical data with * CSV file


Dashboard of real-time power consumption



The trend of power consumption



Comparison of power consumption



Proportion of power consumption



Applicable Field

Electrical equipment manufacturers, system integrator, property management service providers, equipment operators and the management of equipment power usage.,etc.