Electrical Safety Management


Electrical equipment failure is one of the major causes of factory fire.




24 hours remote monitoring with high reliability.


Provide customized event setting and e-mail, App notifications.

Intelligent Analysis

Record and analysis the trend of temperature to ensure the electrical quality and safety.


Switchboard temperature can only be monitored at any time? Open the switchboard is dangerous? Query historical temperature data waste time?

Electrical Safety management use wireless temperature sensor to monitor the temperature of switchboard, and support temperature notification to improve the electrical safety.


System Architecture


InSynerger Electrical Safety Management


Provide 24 hours monitoring and customized event setting.
Send alarms for abnormal event via E-mail or App.

Low power dissipation, high reliability, intense anti-interruption and easy installation.
The accuracy of detecting temperature is ±1℃ and available from -50 to 150 ℃.
Automatically record temperature, analyze the tendency,and analyze the safe status of electricity consumption and quality


Real-time monitoring of switchboard

Real-time monitoring of switchboard


Chart of temperature record

Chart of temperature record


Applicable Field

Applicable for the field with 150KW contract capacity,includes factory,building,mall,hospital and school.