Air Quality Index Management

Air Quality Index Management

In order to meet the IAQ management, regular and continuous IAQ monitoring is necessary.




Supports multi-field management and floors simultaneously.


Provides historical trend graphs, and notifications and records of abnormal events.

Intelligent Control

Support linkage control with air-conditioning.

question-100x100 Air Quality Index Management


No idea how to improve the bad air quality?Difficult to manage multi-field?

Indoor Air Quality Management uses various air sensors to continuous monitor the air and ensure the air quality.This solution integrates with ICT and IOT to create an intelligent IAQ management system.


System Architecture

Package_architecture_室內空氣品質 Air Quality Index Management


InSynerger Indoor Air Quality Management


checked Air Quality Index ManagementReal-time monitoring displays with readable graphical interface.
checked Air Quality Index ManagementProvides historical trend graphs, and notifications and records of abnormal events.
checked Air Quality Index ManagementSupports multi-field management and floors simultaneously.
checked Air Quality Index ManagementUse wireless ZigBee communication which can be quickly installed with no wiring and reduce construction costs.


Real-time Monitoring

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Area Dashboard

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Data Analysis

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Event Setting

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Applicable Field

Public Space, Laboratory, Office, School, Station, Airport, Museum, Gallery, Library, Marketplace, etc.