Flood Detection Solution

Flood Detection Solution

24 hours monitor the water level and prevent flood disaster.


單燈 迴路 提供單燈監控和迴路監控兩種版本
多場域管理 可跨國同時管理超過 10 萬盞路燈
完整支援 支援市售各式燈頭並進行路燈的多種管理模式

Do you have these problems?

Serious damage caused by floods.

High risk of flood patrolling.

Benefit of this solution.

Predicts the status of flood and get ready to handle the flood.

24 hours real-time monitoring and analysis of water level.

In-Park Functions


Provides real-time water level in every 1-10 minutes,and supports image notification.
Completely record of video monitoring within seven days.
Offers mobile and computer management.

Map Style Management


Real-time Dashboard