Motor Monitoring

Cloud AI Manager for Motor Monitoring

Motor damages  cause shutdown and heavy loss without early warning. It is a waste of time and manpower to carry expensive motor instruments to inspect everywhere and it is difficult to simultaneously manage motors distributed all over the place. InSynerger provides motor diagnosis solution to assist users in controlling motor operation status through cloud platform and find out potential issues to prevent heavy loss.


Diagnosis Analysis for Abnormalities
Health status diagnosis to find out issues through data analysis.
Easy Installation
Magnetic installation without drilling.
Multi-application with Single Platform
Scalable applications in power, air conditioning and lighting management, etc.


motor-1 Motor Monitoring

Control motor operation status in real time with cross analysis of different parameters.

motor-2 Motor Monitoring

Control motor operation status through data analysis of motor strong / weak running downtime.

motor-3 Motor Monitoring

Automatic real-time or timing diagnosis to find out potential issues.

motor-4 Motor Monitoring

Setting for operating for more than a few hours, continuous shutdown for several hours, or how long the motor will rise temperature to provide abnormal alarm.

System Structure

馬達架構_en_工作區域-1 Motor Monitoring