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iManager is a local energy management system to integrate with industrial touch screen PC with good scalability. The system includes multi-application in energy, indoor air quality, air-conditioning and indoor lighting management for medium and small areas. It supports mobile device management and can be upgraded for cross-domain management to achieve local and cloud management.

i-Manager_Energy-300x300 iManageri-Manager_ari-conditioning-300x300 iManageri-Manager_Indoor-Air-Quality-1-300x300 iManageri-Manager_Indoor-Lighting-300x300 iManager

   Why is iManager important?

  • Are you worried about implementing energy management system with high costs and difficulties to expand system?
  • It is difficult to implement energy management system due to strict network management in the company.
  • Worrying about small-scale energy management system will be abandoned, if it is necessary to upgrade to cross-domain.


  • iManager system can visualize power consumption to prevent penalty charge with budget limitation and it is easy to implement with good scalability.
  • The data is stored with local system structure and it can be expanded into cloud if it is necessary.
  • iManager can be upgraded to use cloud platform and integrate with local and cloud platforms for multi-domains.


Data Visualization

Control domain status with real-time data anytime.

Real-time Alarm for Abnormalities

Custom event alarm with real-time sounds for abnormalities.

Mobile Device Management

Support mobile device management to be more flexible. It can be upgraded to cloud system for seamless management of local and cloud platforms.


Up to connect with 32 meters, sensor, DI/DO and infrared controllers for multi-application.

Event linkage control

Automatically control for event trigger.

Industrial Touch Screen PC

Integrate with industrial touch screen PC to set up ground management system with CE, FCC, CB, UL, CCC and BSMI certifications.

System Screens

Website_iManager_System-Screen_左上 iManager
圖片3 iManager
圖片1 iManager
imanager4 iManager

System Structure

Website_iManager_System-Structure iManager


  • Factory, campus, hospital, business building, organization, etc.