Air-compressor Management


In terms of equipment's life cycle,offers optimized operation and management!!


Real-time Monitoring

Monitors the operation status of air-compressor.


Supports customized event notification.

Reduce Energy Usage

Reduce the energy consumption caused by inappropriate leaks and artificial demands.

question-100x100 Air-compressor Management

The spending on Air-compressor operation is much larger than the initiate investment to build up. There is almost 40% of the cost spending on inappropriate management in operation of air compressor.

Air-Compressor Management composes of air flow meter and smart power meter. This solution supports real-time monitoring and event notification.It also analysis the power consumption for manager to reduce improper leaking of air-compressor and the false demands in operation. Besides, it builds up the verified database which contrasts to before vs after improving air-compression system,and optimizes the operation of air compressor.

System Architecture

Package_architecture_空壓監測 Air-compressor Management

InSynerger Air-Compressor Management

checked Air-compressor ManagementProvides 24 hours monitoring and recording the key parameters of air compressor, and reduce manpower tasks.
checked Air-compressor ManagementFlexible event notification to fit kinds of operation features of air compressor.
checked Air-compressor ManagementReal-time monitoring of air compressor and
control its performance of operation.
checked Air-compressor ManagementOffers automatically predictive maintenance for clients,maintenance providers and equipment suppliers to lower down the rates of machine failures and the risks of suspension.

Real-time Monitoring

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Event Management

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Applicable Field

Factory,system integrator and air-compressor suppliers etc.