Intelligent Inspection Management


Intelligent Inspection Management

As a smart assistant helping enterprises toward a digital factory able to raise up the safety of industrial manufacturer and decrease human efforts on inspection.



Improve Efficiency

Digitize the checking list and make it more efficient of record.

Precise Positioning

Integrates with Wi-Fi positioning.( (the tolerance of an error less than 5 meters around)

High Flexibility

Flexible for inspection scheduling and supports audio and video record.


Is it not efficient for inspectors to fill out complex forms? Difficult to ensure inspections are accurate?

Intelligent Inspection Management uses positioning technology and the platform to integrate with the ‘4M+1E‘ framework made up of ‘Man’, ‘Machine’, ‘Material’, ‘Method’ and ‘Environment, and ensure inspections are accurate.


System Architecture


InSynerger Intelligent Inspection Management


No further costs for any other hardware after building platform via cloud service & Wi-Fi connection.
High accuracy with Wi-Fi positioning.(the tolerance of an error less than 5 meters around).

The records of defective events support the data types of both video and audio, return to original context clearly.
Self generate QR code systematically and simplify the procedure of the compiling tasks.
Provides customized scheduling of inspection tasks to fit all kinds of demands in production.


Inspection Dashboard



Inspection Data Research



Regular Notification



Customized Scheduling



Applicable Field

Factory/shopping mall/warehouse/storage/hospital/property management/maintenance service provider etc.