Streetlight Management

Streetlight Management

Supports multiple field management and reduce labor and energy cost.



Various Solutions

Provides single light and circuit solutions.

Multiple Field Management

Manage over 100,000 streetlights from regions simultaneously.

High Flexible

Supports various lights and devices.


Do you have these problems?

Streetlight inspection needs a lot of manpower?

Slow maintenance with passive notification?

Energy usage of streetlights is inefficient.

Difficult to manage multiple fields.

Many people to manage the streetlight with unclear right?

Difficult to manage different fields?


The benefit of this solution.

Real-time monitor of streetlight remotely and reduce manpower.

Automatically notification when the streetlight failure, and shorten the time of reparation.

Flexible scheduling which can reduce the power consumption.

Easy management with Map interface.

Supports account management to facilitate assignment and tracking task.

Supports various communications, devices,languages, browsers and fields in one platform.

InSynerger StreetlightManagement

This solution can manage over 100,000 streetlights from different regions simultaneously and offers single light control and circuit control version.It also applicable for various light and supports monitoring, control, failure diagnosis and prompt notification. This solution has been implemented in Taiwan, Romania and South Africa.

Single Light monitoring and control

Single Light Control
This version supports control and monitoring functions for individual lights. Each light can be controled with
turn on/off, dimming and scheduling. It also offers both wired and wireless communication solutions and to
adapt different control fields.

Circuit Monitoring and Control

Circuit Monitoring and Control
This version offers electric-circuit-based streetlight monitoring and control, manager can monitor, control and schedule multiple circuits simultaneously.

In-Park Features

Supports various scheduling and control models.
Provides rich reports,includes power consumption,statistic analysis,energy saving comparison and service life,etc.

Monitors the health status of streetlight,and supports event notification.
Record of event notifications can be exported as a CSV file.
Monitoring interface supports more than
3 map databases such as Google Map,Bing Map and Open Street Map.
Offers authorization management whereby the administrator can assign limited
access, including read/write, read-only, and streetlight control access.
Offers wired/wireless and monitoring/monitoring and control versions.
Supports Traditional Chinese,English and it also can be expanded.
Supports multiple browsers, such as IE9,Chrome etc.

Map Style Management


Light Health Status


Intelligent Diagnosis


Repair Management


Statistic Data


Mobile App