About Us

Factory and Park Cloud Solution Provider.

InSynerger provides 24 hours energy, equipment management and data analysis to achieve energy efficiency, reliability, and productivity

R&D 100

The first R&D 100 winner in Taiwan.

Hundreds of cases

InSynerger has rich experience to implement solution and has already accumulated hundreds of use cases.

Ten Million of connected devices

Base on hundreds of cases and partners cooperation, InSynerger has accumulated ten Million of connected devices around the world.

Ten Billion of Data

InSynerger has been collected data for many years, and has already accumulated ten billion of data for further big data analysis.

About Us

InSynerger Technology Co., Ltd provides smart factory, smart park total solutions and device connection service. InSynerger spun off from  government-sponsored Information Industry Institute (III) in 2017. InSynerger accumulate advanced technology, includes energy, device connection, platform and multiple applications. InSynerger base on IoT technology and cloud management platform to cultivate machine learning and big data analysis, and develop “24 hours factory and park cloud AI manager”.   

Core Technology

Connect device to cloud

  • Integrate software and hardware within ten days.
  • Integrated hundreds of devices.
  • Compliance with national OMA standard.

Cloud Platform

  • Multiple available applications
  • Support ten million of devices connect to cloud simultaneously.
  • High scalability with Micro server architecture.

Data Analysis

  • Multiple available analysis models


rd100 About Us

2011 The R&D 100 Awards

2012 2nd National Industry Innovation Award

2013 Institute for Information Industry Award of Excellence

2013 Gold Medal at Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart 

2014 WITSA Global ICT Excellence Award

2014 Silver Medal at World Genius Convention 

2014 Moscow International Salon of Industrial Property Archimedes Silver Award


2015 Gold Medal at EUROINVENT  

2015 Gold Medal at World Genius Convention 

2015 Silver Medal at INPEX 

2016 Cloud computing and IoT Association Award

2016 Gold Medal at International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada 

2016 Gold Medal at World Genius Convention 

2016 Silver Medal at INPEX 

2016 Gold Medal and INOVA 2016 Special prize at EUROINVENT  

2017 5th National Industry Innovation Award

Why InSynerger?

Advanced Technology

  • Rich IoT integrate experience
  • Professional industrial know-how

Rich Experience

  • Over hundreds of use cases
  • Over 20 countries experience

Excellent Recognition

  • The first R&D 100 winner in Taiwan
  • 17 Awards from Taiwan and nations

High Scalability

  • Various devices integration
  • Multiple available applications