Smart Factory Cloud AI Manager

In-Factory Cloud AI Manager




Base on energy saving to increase production capacity and management efficiency.Supports each stage of smart factory.

Various Device

Nearly 100 of connected devices,expanding diverse applications.

Basis of Certification

Basis of ISO 14064 and ISO 50001 certifications.

InSynerger provides three stages to help factories upgrade to Industrial 4.0

1 Energy and Resource Management
Provides comprehensive energy management solutions as the basic of smart factory, achieve energy saving and efficiency improvement. Also collect data for ISO 50001, 14001 Certification and CSR written base.
2 Equipment and Machine Management
Connects mainly equipment and machine to cloud for remote energy saving and equipment management, and achieve higher energy efficiency and yield.
3 Analysis and Prediction service
Provides smart analysis and prediction to achieve zero failure and zero interruption of production

Stage I Energy and Resource Management

Stage II Equipment and Machine Management

Connect equipment to cloud

Monitor equipment operation status
Predictive maintenance

Connect machine to cloud

Data Visualization
Enhance Availability

Transformer Management
Motor Management
Air-Compressor management
Ativation management

Stage III Analysis and prediction service

Zero failure of equipment

Zero interruption of production

Data collection
Equipment predictive maintainance

Use AI learning technology to establish a cloud-based virtual equipment model of physical equipment, and conduct equipment status analysis and life cycle simulation. Also support predictive maintenance, so as to achieve zero failure of equipment and zero interruption of production.

Step I
Collect Data

Physical equipment
Data collection and conversion

Step II
Establish AI model

Process time frequency of measurement signal
Feature conversion and extraction
Abnormal event detection

Step III
Virtual equipment simulation

Health anaylysis
Life cycle simulation
Status visualization
Virtual quipment

In-Factory Three pricing models

Public Cloud

Highly secure platform of Azure

Hardware buy once
software charge by node yearly
Extra installation fee

Private Cloud

Build server within enterprise

Hardware buy once
software charge by package
Extra private cloud installation fee

On Premise

Store data in local

Total solution buy once