Air-Conditioning Management

Air-Conditioning Management

Builds up the database of verification for AC system, to ensure the efficiency of energy saving and optimize the AC operation.



Real-time Monitoring

24 hours monitoring of AC operation.


Provides predictive maintenance with flexible event notification for client, maintenance provider and AC supplier.

Diagnosis Analysis

Based on the diagnosis system in cloud platform, to reduce the possibilities of machine failure.

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Difficult to get the operation efficiency of air-conditioning? No notification when the temperature is abnormal? Don't know when air conditioning should be maintained?

Air-Conditioning Management bases on ultrasonic flow meter (non-invasive installation, low pressure loss and without affecting current speed) and smart meter to monitor the AC operation and provide relative parameters for operator to analyze the power consumption.


System Architecture

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InSynerger Air-Conditioning Management


checked Air-Conditioning Management 24 hours monitoring of AC operation and generates the trend chart.
checked Air-Conditioning ManagementFlexible alarm setting fits various industry.
checked Air-Conditioning Management
Real-time monitor on chillers' COP (Coefficient of Performance) controls the operational efficiency of air-conditioning.
checked Air-Conditioning ManagementOffers predictive maintenance for client, maintenance provider and equipment supplier to lower down the rates of machine failures and the risks of suspension.


Real-time Dashboard

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Notification Management

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Chart of Trend Analysis

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Applicable Field

Building,system integrator, AC supplier and maintenance provider.