Textile Industry Automation and Smartization Smart Energy Management for Textile 4.0

[Enterprise News, September 14, 2017] With the slogan of Industry 4.0, smart manufacturing has been the goal of active transformation of various manufacturing industries. However, in the traditional textile industry, knowledge and technology are inherited through new information and new technologies. In the process of manufacturing automation, we are facing the following difficult issues: I. Co-existence of new and old devices is not easy Most of the equipments on the production line of textile mills are mostly purchased in stages and gradually expanded in parallel or vertically, resulting in the situation where the old, middle and blue generations of machines and equipments are brought together. The solutions for networking devices on the market are incompatible with each other and unfavorable development. Equipment connection applications after networking. Second, the master’s experience cannot be passed down Textile mills have long relied on the experience and technology of the master craftsman to maintain their production quality. However, new generations of young people lack the interest in transferring production, and their production experience and technology cannot be passed on, which results in unmatched production parameters, yields and quality. Three,Complex and bulky data is difficult to apply Several kinds of machines and sensing devices existing […]